We have designed this site to make it as accessible as possible for all users. However you may wish to alter the way our website looks. Below we have listed a number of features that you are able to change with step-by-step instructions.


We have developed this site to be AA compliant with W3C Web Content Accessibility guidelines 1.0.

Changing the text sizes

To change the font using the browser menu, follow these instructions: In Internet Explorer, select Text Size from the View or Page menu item. Then choose the preferred size. In Firefox, press and hold the Ctrl command while pressing '+' to increase the font size, alternatively press and hold the Ctrl command and press the '-' to decrease the font size.

Navigating this website

This site has been designed for ease of use. The main navigation includes all the main sections of the website and runs across the top of each page. Clicking on any of these items will take you to a specific section of the website, where the navigation is displayed down the left. Choosing a section on the left hand navigation will also reveal any further content pages within a section up above. This style of navigation is consistent throughout the site.