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EnvZone Staff
Communications Coordinator

As a Communications Coordinator, Brian is passionate about sharing vital outsourcing solutions ranging from entrepreneurship, inbound marketing, hospitality to social margins. From several experiences gained in digital business landscape, he has grown profound relationships with corporate vision and high trust culture built at EnvZone.

Here at EnvZone, Brian is committed to delivering productively interactive customer experience. He is empathetic with in-depth customer insights and implement knock-out business proposals to render the profitability as well as increase brand awareness for entrepreneurs.

Outside of work, Brian is devoted to non-profit organizations to learn, unlearn and relearn his skills along with knowledges for shaping him in right direction to become a leader in his way - a expertise in marketing major. To grow up and to become human being, Brian is not reluctant to embrace failures and challenges on his meaningful path. Above all that, Brian is relentless continuing to define personal brand and fine-tune his expertise.

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