Chan Dinh’s Bio

EnvZone Former Staff
Product Innovation Analyst

Chan is a Product Innovation Analyst where he is responsible for designing and developing dynamic and complex websites, products that is based on user-centric mindset.

He enjoys brainstorming and executing internal strategies to help keep our team running smoothly. He works directly with the team to solve company challenges to help reach company goals and objectives.

Upon product development, he is always active and look for initiatives on service innovation to add more values to our users. This effort has made him a significant player in building many of the foundational elements that made the organization what is it today.

In his free time, you can find Chan with activities like listening to music, reading books, etc., He also loves to learn new technologies, programming languages to improve his programming skills. Chan loves to stay indoor most of his free time but sometimes in the weekend, he goes out to play football with his friends to refresh his mood.

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