Linh Pham’s Bio

EnvZone Staff
Founder and President

Linh is the founder and President of EnvZone, a company focused on helping small businesses and enterprises find success with web and software development through outsourcing.

Personally, Linh is a graduate of University of South Florida. His role and responsibility at EnvZone is to establish a strategic relationship between clients and organizations. He is responsible for defining innovative business development strategies and their ultimate execution. His main business is to expand the presence of the company on the national market. Beyond being driven to grow EnvZone, Linh strives to be at the forefront of the digital transformation movement and loves helping small businesses execute their vision.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading books and attending conferences. He keeps himself an active member of several entrepreneurial groups in the State of Colorado.

Linh Pham’s Certifications

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