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EnvZone Staff
Growth Analyst

As a Growth Analyst, Phoebe focuses on helping clients to have a full understanding of defining innovative business development with digital transformation. She collaborates with clients to help scope their digital assets and experiences to help guide users down the impact of online presence for the current business operation.

Additionally, she is responsible for figuring out details in client brief, according to their required needs, collecting software methods and giving the right approach to come out with the most value products. On the purpose of making a significant service with belief that “sharing is the best way of caring”, she’s presently making effort in building effective ways of conveying profound insight of various technology subjects to bring the best experiences and knowledge to the readers as well as the EnvZone’s future partners or clients.

Outside of work, you will surprisingly find her a different person with no features of a marketing job. As an artist, she enjoys herself alone drawing with imagination and making everything around become glamorous by creating fancy meanings in a fancy color, which gives her a powerful energy and motivation to fulfill in her life.

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