Ranty Pham’s Bio

EnvZone Former Staff
Market Strategy Analyst

Working as a Communications Coordinator, Ranty enjoys helping clients connect with the best development team across various industries from real estate, logistic and supply chain, and financial services area.

Additionally, she works closely with EnvZone partners as a vendor success manager, to help them carry out impactful results to our clients.

Ranty has been at the epicenter of today’s most operation strategies. She leads EnvZone’s vendor development campaign, keeping her ears on the ground for the latest operation strategies and tactics we should be offering for our clients and guiding the team to reach new levels every day. Coming from business economic background, Ranty is an emerging leader on a quest to grow and share what she learns along the way.

Outside of EnvZone, she prefers joining references and workshops about entrepreneurial strategies and engineering fair to enhance the knowledge to publish valuable content to her audience. Also, she likes to listen to music and plays instrument since it is the best way to relax yourself and actively come up with new ideas for your projects.

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