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EnvZone Staff
Market Strategy Analyst

Samuel is a Market Strategy Analyst at EnvZone with a diverse range of experience. Having worked with teams across industries from financial services, logistics, supply chain to real estate, Samuel’s love for innovative and culture centric companies has led him to EnvZone.

Sam thrives in helping his clients understand their own “Why.” His main passion is defining a business’s core purpose, map a plan to conquer and execute their objectives is what he does the best. He accomplishes this every day by strategically planning and executing campaigns on behalf of clients.

When he’s not working, you will find Samuel mostly stays indoor and reads mushy romantic novels.

However, you might bump into him at some technology workshops organized at weekends. If so, don’t hesitate to tap him on the shoulder and say “Hi!”. Once the ice is broken you guys can talk until the cows come home about new technology innovations, the industrial revolution 4.0,... and maybe some good books as well!

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