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Jun 26The Evolution of the Smart Home

The Smart Home has evolved from an expensive dream to an everyday reality. The IoT makes it possible. We will give you all the details.

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Jun 15Cloud Services are the Current Trend

Everybody is migrating to the cloud. Do you know how is this changing the way we conduct business? The trends are clear. Let’s uncover them!

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Jun 07The Innovative Work of CB Insights in Data Mining

CB Insights is a small company with a big revenue. It takes advantage of all the available information. Mining data, they can predict future trends.

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Jun 04Tech Trends and Innovations for Businesses in Digital Economy

Technological advances are taking place at a rapid pace it becomes imperative for businesses to stay abreast and in doing so businesses must use new technology to fit in with the new requirements of a digital economy.

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Apr 04Risks of IT Outsourcing and How to Deal with Them

How can we do to reduce risks of outsourcing IT? There are four common risks of outsourcing you should know how to deal with them

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Apr 04Vietnam: The Next Potential Outsourcing Hub

Vietnam wants to become the next potential outsourcing hub in software industry and it is on the way of progressing to bright future

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