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EnvZone prides itself on executing complex projects for clients. Our software services rely heavily on the skills of the people we work with and we prize them for the benefits they bring to the organization. We also prioritize the requirements of clients, which can range from simple onetime projects to complex long-term development processes.

Our goal is to help clients find the right software development services through the various outsourcing models that we use. We help match clients to the right developer teams. Our goal is to ensure that clients find teams who are reliable, capable, honest, and experienced. Additionally, the teams should be well equipped with the right infrastructure and resources. We are mindful of client needs to reduce costs while improving quality, through the outsourcing process. We act as the bridge between the client and the vendor.

Since the success of the project might rest on our shoulders, we look for talented, responsible go getters to work for us. We help build strong teams that can take on any challenge. In the process, employees learn many things in the workplace we offer. They get to develop further skills in the area of their expertise. We also offer chances for growth into other areas, should they feel like exploring new areas of growth. We are constantly striving to nurture talent at the same time, offering a place for exploration and discovery.

Our outsourcing models require us to work with developer teams in Southeast Asia, and clients are from diverse industries. As such, we are welcoming of diversity and understand the need to create strong teams that can work toward a common goal regardless of individual backgrounds. We strive to offer the best results to clients at the same time, creating new opportunities for employees. We are an equal opportunity company.