CTO, CEO or project manager who look for a trusted source to delegate

An advisor who performed all the underwriting procedures to help you find the right team.

Delegate the development work to external resources without the cost of risk

A team that performs as a part of your business operation as a whole.

An outsourcing advisor would back you up

Get an advisor to have your back at every unpredictable meeting in your organization that is associated the selected development team.

Get a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality

Utilize the external resources like you own it without the human resource constrains

Make your organization a better place for everyone to enjoy working

Do not get overwhelm and pass stressing vibe around the office with non-competency tasks. Maximize the strength of the existing talents and focus on what matters.

It is obviously skeptical to delegate your product development to someone you don’t know

  • We understand how it feels to cluelessly search from the internet or fellow network with the hope of finding the right team that you can trust
  • Nobody should have to risk one's professional career for an outsourcing decision that might destroy the organization

Make This 5-Minute Read to Save Costly Development Mistakes in the Long Run

This ebook tells you secrets of better outsourcing decision making with your software projects.

  • Benchmark the existing in-house operation
  • Determine the right options of external resources
  • Predict the outcomes with our magic tool
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Hassel-free onboarding plan

A solution built for smart business

#1. Registration

#2. Team selection

#3. Kick off

Easy step-by-step process

1. Discovery

The purpose of discovery process is to gather information and to determine if EnvZone is meeting your criteria

  • Initial Meeting
  • Needs Assessment
  • Team Selection
  • Proposals

2. Initial Engagement

Initial engagement is the first real interaction between EnvZone and our customers.

  • Detailed Requirements
  • Wireframes & Clickable Prototype
  • Research
  • Detailed Quote & Project Timeline

3. Development process

The main purpose of development process is analyzing your requirements, and building quality and correctness of good software.

  • 2-week Sprints
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment & Launch

Outsourcing Authority for All Your Software Concerns

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A solution that helps you avoid

  • Missing market opportunity caused by development procrastination
  • Risky exposure of intellectual property
  • Unexpected low quality deliverables due to ineffective engineering management
  • Loose sight and poor responsive in communication across organization
  • Negative impact on professional career due to unsuccessful outsourcing decision
  • Unhappy interpersonal relationships caused by negative business performance


*According to Bureau of Labor Statistics
Fully burdened cost
The average benefit cost of an in-house employee
The overhead cost savings by leveraging the outsourcing software development
  • Employee taxes
  • Paid time off
  • Insurances
  • Paid time off allowance (vacation, etc.)
  • Retirement and savings contributions
Don’t allow yourself or your management team to dismiss the option of outsourced software development

The success that you can achieve is more than just the savings

  • Effective operation and focus on what matters to the organization
  • A dedicated advisor is after you to make sure you are in good shape
  • Work enjoyment with a positive atmosphere
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with a customer-centric operation

Get speed-up access to developer resources

Get premium access to allocated resources with urgent needs, stop wasting time on waiting gap and get deliverables.

All the resources for your organization to thrive

  • Risk-free and educated decision will strengthen your confidence in front of your boss and fellow colleagues.
  • A decision that will change the ineffective operation of your organization, get the right human resources to delegate tasks to.
  • No more unproductive tasks after hours, spend more time with the one in needs

Your current action matters

Your decision will change the tide of your organization, enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Determined and clear direction
  • Action oriented, fearless
  • Smart management


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