Finding the dream team

A CTO, CEO, or project manager goes through grueling procedures to help find that team that fits the project seamlessly.

Delegating to external resources

Delegating the most crucial aspect of the development work to external sources, a well-rounded team whose sole aim is to perform part of your business operation.

Get an outsourcing advisor

Get an advisor who is in your corner and has got your back. Our outsourcing advisors are trained to be your support, attend your internal meetings and also help strengthen external outsourcing choices made.

In some cases, our outsourcing advisor will assist in showing progress and demonstrations of a project to personnel of authority such as the CEO.

Affordable yet effective solutions

Get the best quality work done without breaking the bank. Avoid being held ransom by human resource constrains.

The right team working for you 24/5

Get the right team working for you round the clock even while you sleep. You have nothing to worry about while we take care of your business needs

Get the job done by trusted personnel in the industry

Give your essential tasks to the most qualified personnel for the job.

  • Searching for the right fit for a job can be daunting. Leverage on a huge network of competent and trusted hands to give you the best you did not know was possible.
  • You do not need to put your career, business and reputation on the line. Make tactical decisions ensuring the growth of your company.

Make This 5-Minute Read to Save Costly Development Mistakes in the Long Run

This ebook tells you secrets of better outsourcing decision making with your software projects.

  • Benchmark the existing in-house operation
  • Determine the right options of external resources
  • Predict the outcomes with our magic tool
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See the potential savings you could achieve

Calculate your company’s potential savings with EnvZone’s solution using this handy tool.


An easy, fast and efficient onboarding plan

The only solution for smart businesses ready to grow and expand.

#1. Registration

#2. Team selection

#3. Kick off

Easy step-by-step process

1. Discovery

The purpose of discovery process is to gather information and to determine if EnvZone is meeting your criteria

  • Initial Meeting
  • Needs Assessment
  • Team Selection
  • Proposals

2. Initial Engagement

Initial engagement is the first real interaction between EnvZone and our customers.

  • Detailed Requirements
  • Wireframes & Clickable Prototype
  • Research
  • Detailed Quote & Project Timeline

3. Development process

The main purpose of development process is analyzing your requirements, and building quality and correctness of good software.

  • 2-week Sprints
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment & Launch

Tested and trusted solutions that help you avoid:

  • Development procrastination leading to missed market opportunities.
  • Unwanted and risky exposure to development process and intellectual property.
  • Inadequate and poor project deliverables due to management and development flaws.
  • Weak and slow response due to communication ‘hiccups’. This often happens when outsourcing goes wrong.
  • Poor impact on professional career due to unsuccessful outsourcing decision.
  • Toxic interpersonal relationships due to unfavorable business feedback.


*According to Bureau of Labor Statistics
Fully burdened cost
The average benefit cost of an in-house employee
The overhead cost savings by leveraging the outsourcing software development
  • Employee taxes
  • Paid time off
  • Insurances
  • Paid time off allowance (vacation, etc.)
  • Retirement and savings contributions
Don’t allow yourself or your management team to dismiss the option of outsourced software development

Savings are an afterthought to success

  • Focus on what your business or organization needs.
  • An adviser dedicated to your organization needs making sure your business is in shape and ready to take the plunge.
  • Work in a friendly, positive atmosphere
  • Excellent customer satisfaction with customer-centric operations
  • Leverage on the strength of existing talent(s) on the essential aspects of your business

Get access

Get access to 500 Leaders network nationwide. The premium forum gives you the opportunity to attend conferences with other business owners, go for seminars, conferences and more.


Get your organization thriving

Give your business the needed boost to thrive

  • Have a well-researched, risk-free, and an educated decision made for you to portray you as a leader to you are to your bosses and colleagues.
  • Make conscious decisions to move your business or organization to the next level. Get the right team to delegate tasks to.
  • Always have a productive team on your side.

Act Now

Make timely decisions that will change your organization woes around. Get the right service quality and customer satisfaction

  • Well thought out direction
  • Fearless and action oriented decisions
  • Smart management