Discover Your Superpower in Business: Breakthroughs that Lead to Ideal Clients

Global Ambitious Entrepreneur Marketing Networking Group
Apr 20
Highlight Events
11:00 AM to 12:15 PM

This EDUCATIONAL webinar is an opportunity to create traction in getting the clients who will love you and what you provide; it is an opportunity to design and own how you can position yourself powerfully and effectively in your market.

What you will gain from this training led by Sandra Hughes and Sunil Bhaskaran:
1) Secrets to elevating your brand above the competition
2) Opportunities to expand your reach online and off line
3) How to make your elevated branding sustainable for the long term
4) Easy actions to take now

Learn these concrete steps and actions to independently realize your dreams of being a business leader and visionary in your community whilst equipping yourself with the tools that other experienced business people have learned the hard way.

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