full cycle development

Software Prototyping

Software prototyping is a form of development approach used in the planning and executing software development projects by the development of prototypes which can be used to help gain experience while developing a software.

Software prototyping is the perfect idea used in refining functionality and detecting potential issues.

EnvZone has vendors who are experienced software prototyping developers who help their clients to certify plans before making them into complex solution or products. They will help deliver:

• Specification
• Sketches
• Clickable Wireframes
• Designed Interface
• Working Prototype

Custom software development

Envzone has IT vendors who are experienced in all custom software development applications, such as SCRUM, Agile, Lean, Waterfall, Prototype, Incremental, Iterative to RUP, RAD, and DSDM.

From smart customization of already developed software to a full cycle custom development, your vision will be fully implemented

Business requirements are focused on and assist in analyzing needs, while delivering fast, high quality software. We ensure our offshore vendors work with and for you to help develop and implement all phases of the software development lifecycle that would match your unique requirements.

• Enterprise Solutions
• Web Applications
• Mobile Applications

Product Development

Our partners take pride in creating high quality, impressive products. As full-Software Product Development service suppliers, we ensure they follow the best practices and bridge the gap between concepts and the successful realization and launching of these products.

Focus on designs and architecture is key to achieving the best products and our vendors will test various usage and load scenarios.

We are ready to offer support at all stages of your product creation:

• Feasibility Study
• Prototyping & Design
• Development
• Customization & Deployment
• Support & Maintenance