FusionConnect is Proving that a mid-sized Vendor Can take a stand in the VoIP Phone Industry

Cloud companies are competing hard to get a market share. FusionConnect has proved that it is possible to take a stand with their VoIP services.

By Alicia Michelle
Published on: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 7:00pm ET

FusionConnect is the cloud service company that proved that with VoIP reliable services

Cloud solutions have never been so important for a business than today. They require a reliable platform. This has been the market niche that FusionConnect has found to accommodate their services. On this article we will analyze how this mid-sized company has been able to compete with the industry monsters.

Who is FusionConnect?

FusionConnect was born as a Cloud Service provider focused in connectivity. They provide solution for companies of all sizes in the United States. They aim to be the single IT contact point for their clients since they can solve all their needs.

For the past two decades, FusionConnect has been engaged in cloud solutions. They started when the cloud concept was just for top notch solutions. Now it is a widespread option for all sorts of clients. This fact has helped FusionConnect grow. Currently, the company is worth around 133 million dollars.

As one of the most knowledgeable cloud IT companies, they are fighting for a market share in a very competed world. Their secret is a robust back office. They hold one of the strongest NOCs, operating 24/7, with the most knowledgeable tech support team. That is how they maintain cloud services available for their clients. This has been key to their success because cloud services are all about reliability.

The full Cloud Portfolio of FusionConnect

The full cloud portfolio of FusionConnect includes everything. They can handle cloud communications and connectivity, carrier services and cloud computing in a standard basis. For their most demanding clients, they have custom solutions to provide them with the answer to their increasing needs.

When business continuity is critical, FusionConnect can enhance all aspects of cloud services. This is where their knowledge pays back. With the opportunity to have a partner to provide cloud solutions, they have become the reliable vendor that government and private companies are now using.


One service that caught our attention at FusionConnect was VoIP. They are competing with industry monsters like RingCentral and gaining ground in an impressive way. Companies like Gilbane, and the Council of Governments at Metropolitan Washington are consistently using FusionConnect’s VoIP solutions.