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healthcare industry

Envzone provides foremost help to healthcare industries in need of software developed for them to store, analyze and maintain data processed on a daily basis. The high sensitivity of these data makes them vulnerable and are protected by government agencies such as the HIPAA.  Companies in this industry know their data need to be handled with special care. We are a company who have helped numerous companies process their data without compromising them.

We offer market analysis, logistic and warehousing services for pharmaceutical companies. We help automate these processes. Envzone also provides customer relationship management and CRM-related data management software for pharmaceutical companies. We use these software to manage complex patient data, creating electronic data that are secure.  

Envzone in addition to other services, conducts data analysis, such as processing images emanating from medical scans. These data analyzed are used to point out shortfalls in medical care, best logistic options and point out changes in market demands. We offer the best healthcare software service need to serve patients effectively.