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Running a healthcare institution is not an easy task

We, Envzone, have a dedicating team enabling your institution to a great jump start to better your patient experience and enhance productivity through an intuitive process.

As a business in the healthcare industry, integrating software into data management, patient and employee management along with various needs brings ease and convenience to your stakeholders.

What we offer

Collaborate to make, design, plan, evaluate your academic training effort

Patient management

  • The system tailored to hospitals and healthcare providers deliver the most effective solution to support their most complex circumstances.
  • Worry less about scheduling or reminding appointment with your patients.
  • Patients can get notifications through their devices and get real-time indoor navigation functionality when they reach the facilities. Better yet, they can receive recommendations or healthcare advice on a daily basis.

Employee Management

  • Deliver your employee an efficient digital platform to ensure their high productivity.
  • You can utilize mobile devices for scheduling meeting, consults, and pages for quicker response.
  • Manage patients flow in ER with real-time checklist and notifications for each employee.


  • Based on big data from your institution, integrate third-party software empower you to actively control and manage resources, analyze usage statistics for employees and patients, and make improvements in workflow.

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