Virtually an integral part of your team

Envzone takes the stress off finding, vetting, selecting and working with internationally-based teams. Outsourcing right now has a lot of rewards and some challenges as well. On the one hand, outsourcing offers cost effective services by having projects done cheaper and efficiently, cost wise; you will reap enormous benefits. However, on the other hand, the element of uncertainty can be associated with the process. This is where we come in, major issues such as data security, pricing, quality and business ethics that could make outsourcing go wrong are handled by us.

We have ample experience with hundreds of successful projects to our name, you have nothing to be scared of, and do not forget, we are on your team.

Staff Augmentation

Under this arrangement, our clients will have the hands-on approach overseeing operations and all the work processes. Our client would also manage all personnel working on the project, responsible for the provision of facilities and infrastructure. Our partner, on the other hand, is responsible for the basics such as keeping track of leaves, schedules and paying the personnel under him or her. The partner will also create the teams and conduct product development.

For clients who like to be in the loop and retain control, this is an easy arrangement, making it easier to assess situations; especially in pressing matters and risks. However, this could take most of you time, needing you to abandon your core responsibilities. You are left with the enormous task of doing everything from ensuring that the team performs optimally and maintaining quality controls, putting your business in jeopardy.

However, if you are receptive to the delegation of different tasks in the process to the right team through our outsourcing consultancy process, most of the problem described above will be minimized or eliminated. In the long run, you will have hands-on approach to team management, cut back on costs and might be the best decision you have made in this process.

Dedicated team

Here, the client assembles and maintains its team, comprising of highly skilled and specialized personnel. This is a preferred effective arrangement when as a client, you have found the perfect team and want to take advantage of their skills by deploying them for long-term or multiple projects.

Our client might choose to get help in the daily management tasks, by hiring a project manager. Envzone also provides flexibility in addition to the pool of clients we provide. Disruption of the projects are limited since unavailable members of the team can be replaced immediately. Our partner oversees daily management operations. The client receives updates and reports on the progress of the project and can offer suggestions when needed.

The advantages here are you regain control on bigger issues, and you delegate minor responsibilities. It saves you time and effort, while you are in control. Other advantages include the client can easily have project requirements changed. This is the best solution for a long-term project with a team you can trust.

Project-based model

This type of arrangement involves the least involvement by the client. Here, you give our partners a goal, a completion deadline and expect them to provide outcomes. You do not have to oversee the project completely, all you will get is result-oriented outcomes. The disadvantages of this arrangement are risks of reduced transparency and other ethics issues. As the client, you will also need to ensure that goals do not change as your project progresses. This can change the outcome of the project, making it expensive and time consuming to correct.

For clients concerned about potential problems associated with outsourcing such as lack of transparency, inability to find a reliable outsourcing consultancy company. Envzone will offer you the right talent at the right price; to reduce inefficiencies, opacity, and insecurity for the client. We offer a variety of options when selecting our well-vetted partners for clients aiming for reliability, safety, and transparency.