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We are fully aware of what you are struggling for


Limited financial resources

Lack of technology flexibility

We understand the importance of solving challenges of our non-profit clients with innovative technology solutions

When it comes to technology services and support, we understand that non-profit organizations need fundraising software, membership software and the approach to utilizing technology. To develop efficient and effective operations, non-profit organizations need to embrace technological advances. At Envzone, we provide customized solutions to your non-profit organization to help run all your development operations.

We offer top solutions that help our nonprofit clients plan and promote their operations effectively

Online fundraising

Donor management

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Online donation pages


We create an engaging and empowering environment across every aspect of your non-profit plans.

We have dedicated partners who make it their business to know your product and services

Adjustment to your resources to provide your needs comes easily to us

We provide a trusted solution to manage overhead costs of handling your business

Our results are focused on your business goals and values.

Dedicated Teams

EnvZone will provide you with the opportunity of working with offshore teams dedicated to serving you.

Pool of Talent

We have a pool of partners who have the capability of working with an array of industries and build a team that is tailored to your business needs and has all the tools to give you results.


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