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Our first point of call is to consult with you to understand the rudiments of your project. We pay attention to your business model and services your company required

Based on your requirements and company structure, we will run through our best, vetted, and ready developing teams to give you the needed support for your project.

We will then commence the selection process; arranging direct interviews and online meeting with selected providers. You have a chance to talk to our partners about their expertise specifics to gauge if they are the right fit for your project.

We will give you the opportunity to hold further discussions with your selected team, and we will help you read an agreement on the specifics of your projects. Once all your requirements are met, your team will start to work on your project under your full supervision.


ENVZONE selected development teams to combine the power of Agile with Lean product development and system thinking. It synchronizes alignment, collaboration, and delivery for multiple Agile teams. As a result, it dramatically improves business agility by accelerating productivity, time-to-market, quality and engagement which impact our client’s outcomes directly.



The purpose of discovery process is to gather information and to determine if EnvZone is meeting your criteria

Initial Meeting

The focus of the initial meeting is our clients. We listen to know what you need and understand your motivation.

Needs Assessment

At EnvZone, we hold a consultation to understand the rudiments of your project. Once all your requirements met, your team will start working on your project under your full supervision.

Team Selection

To ensure the quality, we perform thorough vetting of our international partners, so you have only the best of the best, highly skilled and experienced hands, working on your projects.


Based on your requirements and company structure, we will run through our best, vetted, and ready developing teams to give you our proposal that outline the needed support for your project.



Initial engagement is the first real interaction between EnvZone and our customers.

Detailed Requirements

The detailed requirement is emphasis on the operation and process. It specifies all of the rules that must be enforced to ensure that we understand what to build.

Wireframes & Clickable Prototype

At EnvZone, we create wireframes and clickable prototype using tools and technique to present the design concept and the basic function for our clients.


The research process is involving the definition of the problem, the determining what approach to take and the ensuring that our developers on the project understand your requirements.

Detailed Quote & Project Timeline

We use project timeline to track major milestones for your project. The purpose of detailed quote is providing as much as information as possible. We will show what work will be done, the hourly rate for people doing the work,etc.



The main purpose of the development process is analyzing your requirements, and building quality and correctness of good software.

Predefined Sprints

We deviler each sprint individually and make sure that all of the issues are corrected before handing over your team.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a process in which the technical aspects of your projects are verified to ensure the products matches with your project requirements and quality standards.

Deployment and Launch

We will support you through the neccesary deployment and launch processes. Once the deployment meet your requirements, all workloads will be moved to another system.


EnvZone gives you tools and services to compete in modern business environments.

We have dedicated partners who make it their business to know your product and services

Adjustment to your resources to provide your needs comes easily to us

We provide a trusted solution to manage overhead costs of handling your business

Our results are focused on your business goals and values.

Dedicated Teams

EnvZone will provide you with the opportunity of working with offshore teams dedicated to serving you.

Pool of Talent

We have a pool of partners who have the capability of working with an array of industries and build a team that is tailored to your business needs and has all the tools to give you results.


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