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Summarize Features of Top Real Estate Softwares in 2019

A brief of real estate software’s features is helpful for an overview before deciding which one to use for your business. Read on to learn more.
By Alina Vo | EnvZone Staff
on May 31, 2019 | 9 min read
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Nowadays, everyone in every job is easy to do task excellently due to software support. Software is used widely in many industries. Some of them are dedicated to real estate. As an agent, broker or investor, you should utilize the real estate software to get the best results at least effort.

Some of the benefits of real estate software are lead generating, video editing, expense tracking, open house managing, marketing campaigns optimizing, transaction management simplifying, etc.

OK, take a deep breath and let’s start a series of real estate software (including real estate accounting software and real estate CRM software) with their typical features.

For Listing Tools

1. Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

Unpaid services:

Submit new listings on the platform and “claim” listings that were uploaded to Zillow from your Multiple Listing Service (MLS).


  • Your name will appear exclusively on your listings.
  • Have a much greater chance of receiving client’s inquiry and earning the full commission.
  • Advertise on the listings of other agents by choosing which ZIP codes you want to advertise in and set your own budget.
  • Sync your leads from online search portals and create a profile.

2. Realscout

Courtesy: Realscount
  • Scour your MLS for new listings that match the criteria your leads select and automatically send them the listings in an email.
  • Sort properties by 400 criteria, including waterfront location, high ceilings and number of bedrooms.
  • Emails look like they came directly from you.
  • Increase the number and velocity of offers.
  • Individual agents and team cost $39 per agent, per month: a branded home search portal with accurate MLS data, unlimited clients, team functionality with lead sharing and other lead generation tools.
  • Broker package costs $499 per month: a broker dashboard, agent management and user analytics, and lead distribution tools.

3. Showing Suite

Showing Suite
Courtesy: Showing Suite
  • Schedule an open house: organize contact information, lockbox codes and notes.
  • Integrate and automate showing schedules, buyer agent feedback, notes, pictures and videos for each listing.
  • List information in one place.
  • $2.95 per month and syncs with Supra e-key or Sentrilock lockbox software.

4. Cloud CMA

Courtesy: CloudCMA
  • List alerts and lead engagement tools.
  • Brand your Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs) with your headshot and logo for a personalized touch.

5. Real Geeks

Courtesy: RealGeeks
  • Track and organize leads and existing clients so you can optimize every email and follow-up call.
  • Visualize the client's journey through the sales process.
  • Notify you to consistently follow-up on each step of the way.
  • Manage pay-per-click (PPC) accounts.
  • Generate seller leads.

6. Structurely

Courtesy: Structurely
  • Chatbot named Aisa Holmes: When a lead contacts you through a website, live chat, or Facebook, Aisa messages the lead within a minute. Aisa then asks qualifying questions and, when appropriate, offers to schedule an appointment with an agent.
  • Agents who prefer a hands-on approach can pause Aisa and take over the conversation at any time or allow the chatbot to complete the qualification and set up a meeting.

7. Zumper

Courtesy: Zumper
  • Present your listings on an attractive, easy-to-search site.
  • Combine all the great features of padmapper, Trulia and half a dozen other rental apps into one.
  • Run Experian credit reports and rental applications for your prospective tenants.

8. Placester

Courtesy: Placester
  • Provide a sleek website solution with Internet Data Exchange (IDX) integration, along with a built-in CRM and drip email campaigns.
  • The websites are attractive, user-friendly and easy to use.

9. Everlance

Courtesy: Everlance
  • Simplify mileage reporting.
  • Monitor your expenses, maximize your tax deductions and keep your agents and brokerage International Revenue Service-compliant (IRS-compliant).
  • Classify trips as business or personal, export PDF or Excel reports and track trips using GPS so you always know where your miles and expenses are going.

10. Spacio

Courtesy: Spacio
  • Digital sign-in sheets that integrate with top real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), including Boomtown, Top Producer, and more.
  • Send targeted, informative open house information to clients and leads.
  • Make marketing and ad spend decisions based on real homebuyer data.

11. Showcase IDX (plugin)

Showcase IDX
Courtesy: Showcase IDX
  • Offer you Google Maps view, polygon map search, adjustable lead capture options and listing saving capability.

12. Smarter Agent Mobile App

Smarter Agent Mobile
Courtesy: Smarter Agent Mobile
  • Search active and recently sold listings from the MLS.
  • All of the leads that come through the IDX-enabled Smarter Agent App go straight to your agents.

13. Revaluate

Courtesy: Revaluate
  • Generate seller leads using predictive analytics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.
  • Identify homeowners who are likely to move within the next three to six months based on consumer, government, demographics and social media data.

14. Centralized Showing Service

Centralized Showing Service
Courtesy: Centralized Showing Service
  • Chao out of scheduling appointments by letting you create appointments and manage listings and showings.
  • Buyer agents can call one phone number or use one app to schedule multiple showings with multiple listing agents. Homeowners can approve or decline each showing right from their phone.
  • Simplify the open house process for homeowner clients.

15. Home Value Leads

HomeValue Leads
Courtesy: HomeValue Leads
  • Offer a turnkey seller lead generation system by offering agents a customizable home value estimator you can use on your IDX website or in your Facebook ads.
  • Lead follow-up via built-in drip campaigns and instant lead notification, plus access to the Real Estate Masterminds Facebook group.

16. Prempoint

Courtesy: Prempoint
  • Eliminate the need for lockboxes and manual keys and gives agents a digital, all-in-one access management system.
  • Download shared documents, leave feedback and open a growing list of networked smart locks.

17. Homesnap

Courtesy: Homesnap
  • A user-friendly home search experience while obtaining valuable client information.
  • Claim their MLS listing and then communicate directly with clients about their favorite properties with in-app messaging.
  • Homesnap Pro+: claim your Google business profile and manage your reviews and online reputation.

18. Qualia

Courtesy: Qualia
  • Coordinate closings among brokers, title agents and clients.
  • Track investments and the status of a closing.
  • Streamline the closing process for your team and make the process more accessible to your clients.

19. Housecanary

Courtesy: HouseCanary
  • Access to data for 381 metro areas, 18,000 ZIP codes and four million blocks covering more than 90% of the U.S. market.
  • Provide agents value reports and forecasts, risk evaluations and market insights.
  • Analyze housing cycles, demographic patterns and changes and target submarkets.

20. Reipro

Courtesy: Reipro
  • Assist real estate investors.
  • Track interesting properties, it provides relevant comps and workflow management so you can track every moving part of every deal. 

21. Cityblast

Courtesy: CityBlast
  • Find and post local, targeted real estate content to your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts seven times per week using a schedule you set.

22. Brokermint

Courtesy: BrokerMint
  • Transaction and team management, commission tracking and MLS integration.
  • Integrate with Quickbooks.
  • Access to agent onboarding tools, a built-in CRM and the ability to manage multiple office locations.

23. Videolicious

Courtesy: Videolicious
  • Add watermarks, logos, and automatically splice smaller videos into one presentation.
  • Shoot an entire large home in one take.

24. Planoly

Courtesy: Planoly
  • Optimize your social media presence through visual planning and scheduling.
  • Design and schedule photo-centric posts for listings, explore and analyze relevant hashtags and manage user comments.
  • Planoly also has a library of stock photos so you can engage with followers.
Fig 1-Summarize Features Of Top Real Estate Software
Image credit: EnvZone

Done! With some software as above, we can be confident to be a wonderful real estate agent. However, it's not enough. Next part is a vast of professional real estate accounting software that helps you a lot in your job. Don’t skip them!

For Accounting Tools

1. Quickbooks

Courtesy: Quickbooks

Quickbooks Pro/ Premier Version Includes:

  • Give up to 5 users access to data (Pro includes 3 users).
  • Connect bank/ credit card accounts.
  • Track sales by customer/listing.
  • Track rent or commissions received.
  • Track income and expenses for each property.
  • Keep track of rent advances and/or deposits.
  • Track vehicle mileage.
  • Detailed reports such as P&L by property/listing.

Quickbooks Enterprise Version Includes:

  • All of the features in the Pro/Premier version (above).
  • Give up to 30 users access to data.
  • More customized reporting.

Quickbook serves any type of real estate small business, including fix and flippers, long-term investors, landlords and property managers, owner-occupants, independent agents and brokerage firms. If you are a brokerage firm or real estate investing business looking for real estate brokerage accounting software with less than $1M in annual sales and no more than 20 employees, we recommend Quickbooks Pro.

2. Realtyzam

Courtesy: RealtyZam
  • Cloud-based real estate brokerage accounting software.
  • Keep track of common income and expenses for landlords, investors and real estate agents.
  • Detailed reports that show average commissions, average expenses and buyer/ seller conversion rates.
  • Track expenses, broker fees and profit on each buyer, listing or property.
  • Connect bank/ credit card accounts.
  • Automatically categorize real estate transactions.
  • Scan receipts with mobile device & link to the expense.
  • Detailed reports such as Profit & Loss Report, which can be run on a per property basis.
  • Realtyzam offers a free 30-day trial.

3. Buildium

Courtesy: Buildium

Buildium Core Plan Includes:

  • Ability to manage up to 150 units.
  • Tracking income and expenses.
  • Budgeting and reporting.
  • Electronic leases*
  • Online payments*
  • Tenant screening*
  • Tenant & owner portals.
  • Maintenance management.
  • Board member tracking & permissions.

(*) Additional fees apply.

Buildium Pro Plan Includes:

  • All of the features included in the Core Plan (above).
  • Ability to manage 150 units or more.
  • Onboarding.
  • Electronic leases – 30 free documents per month.
  • Tenant screening – free setup.

4. Quickbooks Self- Employed

Courtesy: Quickbooks-Self-Employed

Quickbooks Self-Employed Version Includes:

  • Track sales by customer.
  • Track expenses on a per-property basis.
  • Automatic mileage tracking.
  • Separate business and personal expenses.
  • Calculate quarterly estimated taxes.

Quickbooks Self- Employed turbotax Bundle Version Includes:

  • All of the features listed (above) in quickbooks Self-Employed.
  • Export Schedule C data to turbotax Self-Employed.
  • Pay quarterly estimated taxes online.
  • One Federal and One State tax return filing.

5. Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online
Courtesy: Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online Simple Start Includes:

  • Access for one user and one accountant.
  • Track income and expenses by property/ listing.
  • Connect bank/ credit card accounts.
  • Scan receipts with a mobile device.
  • Detailed reports such as Profit & Loss by property/ listing.

Quickbooks Online Essentials Includes:

  • All features listed (above) for Simple Start.
  • Access for three users and two accountants.
  • Manage unpaid bills like owed taxes and vendor invoices.
  • Time tracking for contractors and employees.

Quickbooks Online Plus Includes:

  • All features listed (above) for Essentials.
  • Access for five users and two accountants.
  • Track & Pay 1099 contractors.
  • Budget/forecasting for each of your real estate investments or listings.
  • Track projects, like new construction you may be doing on a piece of land.

6. Xero

Courtesy: Xero

Xero Early Version Includes:

  • Unlimited users.
  • Connect bank/ credit card account.
  • Maximum of five invoices and five bills.
  • Maximum of five banking transactions.
  • Scan receipts with a mobile app.
  • Detailed reports, including Profit & Loss by property/ listing.

Xero Growing Version Includes:

  • All of the features listed (above) in Starter version.
  • Unlimited bank/ credit card transactions.
  • Unlimited bills.
  • Unlimited invoices.

Xero Established Version Includes:

  • All of the features listed (above) in Standard version.
  • Track income/expenses in multiple currencies.

For CRM Tools

Last but not least, real estate CRM software is the key software in real estate. Reach out clients, store information in one cloud-based database, reply email… are some stuffs of this type of software. Now, move on the last part with Contactually as the beginning!

1. Contactually

Courtesy: Contacually
  • Everything you need to do your daily outreach in one place.
  • Organize, track, and interact with key relationships.
  • Mass outreach with a personal touch.
  • Teach Contactually to do the hard work for you.
  • Access pre-configured email templates, Buckets, Programs and Pipelines.

2. Real Geeks

RealGeeks CRM
Courtesy: RealGeeks CRM
  • Robust Front End Design Editor.
  • Interactive Map Search.
  • Indexable IDX MLS Listings.
  • Automated Email Drip SSL Support (HTTPS).
  • Idle Lead Reassignment.
  • Email Autoresponders.


Courtesy: CINC
  • Automatic routing delivers leads to the agent who is the best fit.
  • Custom sub-domain for each team member to track individual performance.
  • Marketing and advertising tests constantly run to collect data and improve the collection of the lead's information.
  • Plan builder is the most dynamic way to manage daily tasks and ensure nothing is missed.


Market Leader
Courtesy: Market Leader
  • Agent&Team Tools.
  • Lead distribution.
  • Productivity tracking.
  • Intuitive Dashboard & Webinars.
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO & SEM) and lead conversion.
  • Real-time IDX updates/ MLS feeds.
  • Unparalleled search capabilities.
  • Local market information.
  • Mobile first, responsive design.


Courtesy: TopProducer
  • Built-In Sales Buckets.
  • Email Templates & Action Plans.
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns.
  • Mortgage Calculator.
  • HTML Editor.
  • Site Stats & Reporting.
  • Responsive Control Panel.


Courtesy: RethinkCRM
  • Real-Time Stacking Plans.
  • Deal Pipeline Management.
  • Commercial Real Estate (CRE) CRM Database.
  • Geosearch Tool.
  • Drag & Drop Deal Cards.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management.
  • Listing Inquiries Reports.
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics.


A long list of real estate software, isn’t it? Each software has each set of features and benefits. We recommend you a lot of real estate software as above. Use them for your business and take the miracle. Some software programs are free and the others are paid to use. Customize and utilize them to accomplish your work, surely with only one software doesn’t satisfy you, but you can integrate software to use.

This post is also credited to Kiah Treece, Crystalynn Shelton and Imanuel.

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