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What Can This eBook Do for You?

This ebook tells you secrets of better outsourcing decision making with your software projects.
  • Benchmark the existing in-house operation
  • Determine the right options of external help and resources
  • Measure the outcomes from with our magic tool

If You Really Want to Hire from External Resources, It Pays to Hire Outsourcing Advisors

3 Reasons-Why You Should Let an Outsourcing Advisor be a Part of Your Team

Results: What matters most

Since software companies implement this proven framework for development needs, the typical results we received include:
  • 89% Reduction of Communication Conflicts
  • 45% Decrease in Time Spent Looking for the Right Team
  • 55% Increase in Overall Sense of Control at the End of the Day

It’s Never Been about Ability or Referral, It’s Been about Trusted Access with Verification

itemCost Effective
Business Operation Efficiency

Retrace the Steps of Software Outsourcing

In a software development world, you can source practically every talents but the team mindset. Learn more a verified team that is built for your business growth. A strategic solution manual can help you:
  • Track Daily Progress
  • Get Honestly Notified
  • Shield Up Your Interlectual Property