Tech Trends and Innovations for Businesses in Digital Economy

Technological advances are taking place at a rapid pace it becomes imperative for businesses to stay abreast and in doing so businesses must use new technology to fit in with the new requirements of a digital economy.

By Burt Walston
Published on: Sunday, June 4, 2017 - 5:00pm ET

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Photo credit: Lorenzo Cafaro

Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace. The good news is that today we are not just waiting around for the next new technology to emerge. Instead, we are taking over the control of changes and are shaping new technologies to help fit in with our requirements. Artificial Intelligence is a good example of how things are moving forward.

Artificial Intelligence

Today, Artificial Intelligence has moved out of being a backend tool for companies and is playing a more refined role. Artificial Intelligence is also spearheading the emergence of auto driving cars that use computer vision to guide them. This enables them to travel without a human driver in them. Machine learning on the other hand has been instrumental in bringing about machine learning.

The nice thing about how Artificial Intelligence is being used is that it is becoming simpler and smarter than before. This is raising the bar for our future experiences. Artificial Intelligence will soon become the face of the digital brand of every modern company. It can be deployed across different business interfaces and that in turn will result in customers being able to use it without needing to understand complicated technologies. By talking and gesturing as well as touching the artificial intelligence interface, they will be in a position to achieve their goals.

Artificial intelligence can also make interfaces more intuitive

When artificial intelligence assumes a primary role in interacting with customers as well as employees it will become indispensable to every modern company. Artificial Intelligence will also become more than another tool of technology that makes things more efficient as well as valuable. Artificial Intelligence goes beyond showing you how your company runs. It is about who you are today.

Agile consulting

In this modern world, companies are looking to develop the best quality software on time and within budgets. This in turn means that companies need to find the best developers and tools. Agile consulting makes use of iterative methods to amalgamate technology within a business process. Agile consulting helps teams pick and choose the optimum methods and/or frameworks for a given situation. It also helps the team find and utilize tools to organize their work. What’s more, it also helps to establish a guide or framework for teams to serve their own agile software development needs for the future. In other words, agile consulting offers guidance as to when it is right to use long iterations instead of continuous flow.

In this modern world, when companies need to continually change, agile consulting services are helping to reduce costs and improve time-to-market.

Agile consulting in the digital economy is indispensable as it offers the best approach to executing a consulting engagement for any requirement, when using an agile process. The focus remains on implementing or improving the agile process. Agile benefits the customer, the vendor, development teams, product managers, project managers as well as PMOs and C-level executives. Furthermore, agile consulting ensures that remote teams work are able to work faster. It also facilitates smoother communications, higher productivity as well as a shorter learning curve.

Companies that do not adjust to the digital economy risk becoming extraneous in their chosen field of operations. Digital technology along with the Internet of Things is changing the business scenario at a very rapid pace. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and agile consulting, companies are now able to become more agile and successful.