The Evolution of the Smart Home

The Smart Home has evolved from an expensive dream to an everyday reality. The IoT makes it possible. We will give you all the details.

By Alicia Michelle
Published on: Sunday, June 26, 2017 - 5:30pm ET

Smart Home

Our way of life is changing at a fast pace. Our relationship with technology on a daily basis is creating a new lifestyle. As tech professionals it is hard to notice how everything is changing. In this article we are going to remember the evolution of the smart home. It will remind you the days when technology was just a dream and not as affordable as it is today.

Fictional Roots

Several writers expressed their dreams in literature. For example, Ray Bradbury gave extensive details of a fully automated home almost a century ago. Julio Verne was another visionary who described technological advancements extensively.

Home Appliances and Entertainment

One of the precursors of today’s gadgets were home appliances. It was in 1901 when a vacuum cleaner entered the market to start a new set of everyday products. This invention was the spearhead to other machines for washing, toasting, ironing, and more. However, they were not really smart.

The First Real Smart Homes

The closest real smart home didn’t come up until the last decade of the past century. The 90s saw the first attempts to create automated spaces. Companies like AMX and Crestron started it in the audiovisual world. They were not the first ones, but they remained through the years, and still try to endure today.

The problem with the first real smart homes was price. They required special equipment and highly skilled programmers to make it work. Maintenance and support was exhausting, and if you add numbers, the most sophisticated projects were only a dream for most of us.

The Next Step: Connectivity

Parallel to the development of the first real smart home gear, connectivity started a vertiginous development. It was enhanced in the information world. With IT engineers taking the lead on connectivity, they soon solved the information needs, but they aimed for more. Networking started venturing in other markets.

Merging Automation from the AV World with Networking

One of the obvious markets was AV, and automation with it. The barriers with everyday hardware were broken, and home appliances jumped in too. This is happening now and it is called the Internet of Things or IoT.

The merge is using the internet connectivity with the AV automation philosophy. Adding home appliances seemed obvious, but it required the integration of additional processors and connectivity devices. This is an ongoing process. Upgrades are common, and features are enhanced every day. The race on the evolution of the smart home is not over yet.