The Innovative Work of CB Insights in Data Mining

CB Insights is a small company with a big revenue. It takes advantage of all the available information. Mining data, they can predict future trends.

By Alicia Michelle
Published on: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 2:00pm ET

Credit: Oluwaseun Duncan

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CB Insights is making a revenue of millions of dollars every year out of research. Their role is a new trend that has proved to be very effective to build the key strategy of the most successful companies. We have done a deep research on this company to bring you the news on how they are doing it.


CB Insights is not as new as you may think. It was founded in 2009, and it is based in New York city. Like all companies it started small, but now, after 8 years, it has reported a revenue of around 20 million dollars, working with no more than 200 employees.
They were born to develop a platform to deliver something different: the tech market intelligence. This is something that makes use of extensive data mining techniques to bring out some interesting information.

The Data for the Strategic Decisions

The sort of data CB Insights is getting is precisely what marketers, managers, and business owners need to predict the future market trends. The investigation takes in consideration many aspects including how many startups are there in the market, the patents that have been registered, what is the venture capital on that market, and other information coming from social media, news and other sources.

Believe it or not, they are capable to take out what is useful from an impressive amount of information rated in the order of terabytes. We are surrounded by all these data, but it is impossible to see it clearly without analyzing everything thoughtfully. That is where CB Insights steps in. Their platform can check millions of bytes within seconds, delivering everything in an orderly manner. They save a company the time and effort on researching to open space to analyze the information.

How is the Information Used?

By now, you may be wondering, how have the companies been using this information? There are many uses, and most Fortune 500 companies know the value. They are listed as CB Insights’ clients. These companies are using the information to perform market researches, develop business strategies, make decisions on corporate venture capital and economic developments among other investments.

CB Insights is the secret of some management consultants, and it has proved to be an excellent tool to predict innovation. Sales and the development of new business is the most benefited of this sort of material. In the end, they are getting an increased efficiency by making decisions based on pure statistical information.

Fortune 500 who will keep up there

Companies like Microsoft, Sequoia, Red hat, Telefonica, and Cisco are using the platform developed by CB Insights and its team of advisors. The research made by them is a reference at the most renowned business news portals. Their ambition has set high goals for them, and the company has proved to have people who love challenges. Those are the kind of demands the F-500 companies are making, and the increasing growth of CB Insights is showing up to comply.

What is Coming Next

If you look at it closely, despite CB Insights has been on the market for 8 years and counting, it is not yet a very big company with a superstructure. In fact, that is precisely what is part of its success. The people are committed, and used to work at a fast pace and submerged in constant change.

The clients they get make challenging requests. As a result, CB Insight’s team must think of new ways to fulfill their needs. It is common to see them innovating, and that is how they remain current. It is true that they are not the only company engaged on researching information. However, they have proved that they have what it takes to fulfill the most demanding needs in a consistent way. This is very important, considering the fast way in which things are changing.