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General Notes

ENVZONE is a full-service software development outsourcing consultancy firm serving clients in private and public sector across industries. As a contract entity, ENVZONE focuses its expertise on the areas of quality, flow and output management.

What we purchase

As a full-service software outsourcing consulting firm, ENVZONE is looking to identify vendor, subcontractors that will support the firm’s projects in all aspects of custom software development.


You are invited to register your company, if your company provides software-related services that ENVZONE is likely to purchase. Registration enters your company into the ENVZONE database of vendors and subcontractors and gives your company visibility among the procurement professionals working on active ENVZONE projects nationwide in United States.

Registrants are not automatically placed on a pre-approved bidder list, rather the registrant profiles are reviewed at the time vendor services are required for each project based on project-specific requirements. You will only be contacted by ENVZONE when you are being considered for work on a project.